Morphlets: a new class of tree-structured morphological descriptors of image shape
Vizilter Yu.V., Gorbatsevich V.S., Zheltov S.Yu., Rubis A.Yu., Vorotnikov A.V.




DOI: 10.18287/0134-2452-2015-39-1-101-108

Full text of article: Russian language.

In this paper, we present a new class of tree-structured morphological descriptors of image shape. The notion of a Haar-like function is formalized. It is demonstrated that Pytiev morphology of centered images can be described in terms of a Haar-like basis. The morphology of localized mosaic shapes and corresponding localized Haar-like wavelet systems are described. The formal way for generating a hierarchical structure of localized mosaic shapes and corresponding tree of localized Haar-like wavelets is reported. The notion of “morphlets” as Haar-like wavelets corresponding to the mosaic shape of some image is introduced. Some constructive schemes for the generation of morphlet-based image descriptors are considered.

image analysis, mathematical morphology, Pytiev morphology, Wavelets, Shape comparison.


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