A spirally rotating backward flow of light
Kotlyar V.V., Nalimov A.G.


Samara National Research University, 34, Moskovskoye shosse, Samara, 443086, Samara, Russia,
IPSI RAS – Branch of the FSRC “Crystallography and Photonics” RAS, Molodogvardeyskaya 151, 443001, Samara, Russia

Using Richards-Wolf formulas, we show that when a left-hand circularly polarized optical vortex with the topological charge 3 is sharply focused in an aplanatic system, a backward near-axis energy flow is observed in the focal plane. While being zero on the axis, the backward flow is only 2-3 times smaller in magnitude than the incident energy flow coming to the focus. It is also shown that near the optical axis the reverse flow propagates spiraling counter-clockwise about the optical axis. The presence of the near-axis backward flow of energy is also shown by the FDTD-aided numerical simulation of diffraction of a circularly polarized plane wave by a third-order spiral zone plate with the NA ≈ 1. A Rayleigh microparticle captured in the focus vicinity is expected to move in the opposite direction to the beam propagation.

backward energy flow, optical vortex, rotating beams, Umov–Poynting vector.

Kotlyar VV, Nalimov AG. A spirally rotating backward flow of light. Computer Optics 2018; 42(4): 527-533. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2018-42-4-527-533.


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