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Diffractive and homogeneous-lens compensator for correcting aberrations of gradient

G.I. Greisukh1, S.A. Stepanov1, E.G. Yezhov2
1Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Penza, Russia
2Samara State Aerospace University

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Pages: 54-58.

The paper provides the results of a research into the possibilities of correcting chromatic and monochromatic aberrations of the distal part of a rigid endoscope, which includes a gradient lens and translator. It shows that it is advisable to use a diffractive or uniform lens as a coordinate chromatism corrector depending on the dispersion properties of the material.

diffractive compensator, homogeneous-lens compensator, aberration, gradient, rigid endoscope, diffractive lens, uniform lens.

Greisukh GI, Stepanov SA, Yezhov EG. Diffractive and homogeneous-lens compensator for correcting aberrations of gradient. Computer Optics 2003; 25: 54-58.


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