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Imaging properties of an optical system with a waveguide

A.N. Malov1, E.A. Senokosov1, O.A. Rogozhnikov1, V.S. Feshchenko1
1Irkutsk State Technical University

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Pages: 100-103.

It is a common practice nowadays to use the method of fiber-optical imaging through a fiber bundle with an ordered arrangement of fibers isolated from each other, while each fiber of the bundle transmits only one image point. At the output of the bundle, a mosaic image composed of individual points is formed. This image transmission method has several disadvantages. The limitations of composite waveguides have stimulated interest in the development of methods of image transmission over multimode waveguides.

optical system, waveguide, fiber-optical imaging.

Malov AN, Senokosov EA, Rogozhnikov OA, Feshchenko VS. Imaging properties of an optical system with a waveguide. Computer Optics 2003; 25: 100-103.


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