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Optical scanning device

O.V. Minin1
1Institute of Applied Physical Problems

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Pages: 117-119.

The development of the coherent optical imaging systems is significantly influenced by the speed requirements and the practical purpose of the device. In radio imaging devices of the millimeter and submillimeter wavelength range, intended for real-time monitoring of a three-dimensional volume, the use of mechanical scanning systems is hardly possible due to speed requirements. However, there is a number of applications where real-time requirements do not play a decisive role, for example, the systems for inspecting baggage, letters, checking the authenticity of banknotes, etc. The use of mechanical scanning systems for such applications may be advisable. The article discusses one of the options for an optical scanning system designed to operate in the millimeter wavelength range.

optical device, coherent optical imaging, radio imaging device, three-dimensional volume, mechanical scanning system, millimeter wavelength range.

Minin OV. Optical scanning device. Computer Optics 2003; 25: 117-119.


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