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Fast recursive computation 1D and 2D finite convolution

A.V. Chernov1,2
1Samara State Aerospace University

 PDF, 115 kB

Pages: 190-197.

The paper considers the problem of finding an optimal approximation of a finite impulse response by a linear recurrence relation (LRR) of a given order. Estimates of the convolution computation complexity for various classes of LRR are provided. An algorithm for decomposing an arbitrary two-dimensional impulse response into a sum of divisible impulse responses is considered, and a generalization of the approximation method for the two-dimensional case is provided.

2D finite, computation convolution, linear recurrence relation, LRR, arbitrary two-dimensional impulse, approximation method.

Chernov, A.V. Fast recursive computation 1D and 2D finite convolution. Computer Optics 2003; 25: 190-197.


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