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Excitation and detection of angular harmonics in an optical fiber using DOE

S.N. Khonina1, S.V. Karpeev1
1Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS

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Pages: 16-26.

The paper considers linearly polarized modes of a weakly guiding fiber, carrying a nonzero orbital angular momentum. Experiments have been carried out on the excitation of lower-order angular harmonics and their superposition in a stepped low-mode optical fiber. It is shown that if high selectivity of excitation is achieved and when the DOE is shifted, paired harmonics with opposite signs appear..

angular harmonic, DOE, linearly polarized mode, orbital angular momentum, optical fiber.

Khonina SN, Karpeev SV. Excitation and detection of angular harmonics in an optical fiber using DOE. Computer Optics 2004; 26: 16-26.


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