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Approach to construction of optical signals switchboards, controlled by optical radiation

A.H. Sultanov1, I.L. Vinogradova1
1Ufa State Aviation Technical University

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Pages: 56-64.

This article is devoted to the study of the possibility of creating switches for optical signals controlled additionally by the applied optical radiation. It is assumed that the control radiation changes the refractive index of the optical medium of the device and the wavelength of the information radiation together with it. A multibeam interferometer is used to control the latter. Technical aspects of the device design are evaluated briefly. The analysis shows that the interference switch is technically feasible in theory. Its main disadvantages include the presence of a constant component in the interference pattern and distortion of the digital optical signal by interference and nonlinear optical effects.

optical signals switchboards, optical radiation, radiation change, optical medium, interferometer, digital optical signal, nonlinear optical effects.

Sultanov AH, Vinogradova IL. Approach to construction of optical signals switchboards, controlled by optical radiation. Computer Optics 2004; 26: 56-64.


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