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Scanning properties of diffractive element forming the axial-symmetric diffraction limited wave beam

I.V. Minin1, O.V. Minin1

 PDF, 122 kB

Pages: 65-66.

An example of considering the diffraction of scalar waves by an amplitude binary diffraction “lensacon” is used to show the feasibility of spatial scanning by a diffraction-limited wave beam in case of the point source displacement and changing the radiation wavelength in relation to the calculated one in the terahertz wavelength range.

diffractive element, wave beam, scalar wave, diffraction “lensacon”, diffraction-limited wave beam, terahertz, wavelength range.

Minin IV, Minin OV. Scanning properties of diffractive element forming the axial-symmetric diffraction limited wave beam. Computer Optics 2004; 26: 65-66.


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