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Multidimensional hypercomplex DFT algorithm implemented in Hamilton-Eisenstein codes

M.V. Aliev1, M.A. Chicheva2, M.F. Alieva1
1Adyghe State University 

2Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS 

 PDF, 115 kB

Pages: 99-101.

The paper synthesizes a “combined” algorithm for a multidimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform of a real signal at base three with data representation in generalized Hamilton-Eisenstein codes. The complexity of arithmetic operations in commutative-associative hypercomplex algebra and its representation in generalized codes is determined. The computational complexity of the synthesized algorithm is evaluated.

DFT algorithm, multidimensional hypercomplex, Hamilton-Eisenstein codes, Fourier transform.

Aliev MV, Chicheva MA, Alieva MF. Multidimensional hypercomplex DFT algorithm implemented in Hamilton-Eisenstein codes. Computer Optics 2004; 26: 99-101.


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