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Algorithms of two-dimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform

M.V. Aliev1, A.M. Belov2, A.V. Ershov3,M.A. Chicheva4
1Adyghe State University 

2Samara State Aerospace University 

3Samara State University 

4Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS 

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Pages: 102-105.

The paper considers the methods of parallel computation of multidimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform. The main idea is to use the properties of the hypercomplex algebra, in which this transform is performed. The natural parallelism of the multidimensional Cooley-Tukey scheme provides additional opportunities for improving the efficiency of the algorithm.

two-dimensional hypercomplex, Fourier transform, parallel computation, hypercomplex algebra, Cooley-Tukey scheme.

Aliev MV, Belov AM, Ershov AV, Chicheva MA. Algorithms of two-dimensional hypercomplex discrete Fourier transform. Computer Optics 2004; 26: 102-105.


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