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Optical trapping of a dielectric cylinder near the focus of different light beams

A.G. Nalimov1,2 V.V. Kotlyar1,2
1Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS 

2Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolev 

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Pages: 22-28.

A computational comparative research is performed to investigate the possibility of optical trapping of a dielectric microcylinder with a circular or elliptical cross section, the diameter of which is comparable to the wavelength of light, when it is placed near the waist of a nonparaxial Gaussian beam or in the focal region of a “sharply” focused Gaussian beam and a plane wave (ratio of lens diameter to focal distance ranged from 0.85 to 1.27).

light beams, dielectric cylinder, Gaussian beam, optical trapping, elliptical cross section, wavelength of light, plane wave.

Nalimov AG, Kotlyar VV. Optical trapping of a dielectric cylinder near the focus of different light beams. Computer Optics 2005; 28: 22-28.


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