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Comparative analysis of the chromatizm of diffractive and refractive lenses

G.I. Greisukh1, E.G. Ezhov 2, S.A. Stepanov1
1Penza State University of Architecture and Construction 

2Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolev 

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Pages: 60-65.

The results of a comparative analysis of the chromatism of diffractive and homogeneous refractive lenses are presented. The possibilities of correcting third and fifth-order spherochromatism of such lenses are discussed. Recommendations are given on the effective use of various types of lenses in hybrid refractive-diffractive optical systems.

diffractive lenses, refractive lenses, optical system, fifth-order spherochromatism.

Greisukh GI, Ezhov EG, Stepanov SA. Comparative analysis of the chromatizm of diffractive and refractive lenses. Computer Optics 2005; 28: 60-65.


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