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Increasing the compression efficiency and visual quality in hierarchical image compression by pre-filtering

M.V. Gashnikov1,2 N.I. Glumov1,2
1Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS 

2Samara State Aerospace University named after academician S.P. Korolev 

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Pages: 108-111.

In this paper, the authors propose an algorithm for increasing the compression efficiency and visual quality during hierarchical compression. The algorithm is based on the use of pre-filtering that brings an image to a form that is more adapted to hierarchical compression. The developed algorithm was studied experimentally, the advantage of the scheme with pre-filtering over the basic method in terms of compression coefficient and visual quality was shown.

image compression, pre-filtering, hierarchical compression.

Gashnikov MV, Glumov NI. Increasing the compression efficiency and visual quality in hierarchical image compression by pre-filtering. Computer Optics 2005; 28: 108-111.


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