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Hypergeometric Modes
V.V. Kotlyar1,2, R.V. Skidanov1,2, S.N. Khonina1,2, S.A. Balalaev1,2

1Image Processing Systems Institute оf the RAS,
2Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU)

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Pages: 16-22.

Full text of article: Russian language.

The paper analyzes a new family of paraxial laser beams forming an orthogonal basis. When propagating in homogeneous space, these beams retain their structure with the accuracy of the scale. The intensity distribution in the cross section of such beams is similar to the intensity distribution for Bessel modes and is represented as a set of concentric alternating light and dark rings. The complex amplitude of such beams is proportional to the degenerate (confluent) hypergeometric function, and therefore we called such beams hypergeometric modes. We formed such modes using a liquid crystal microdisplay.

paraxial laser beams, modes of homogeneous space, hypergeometric function.

Kotlyar VV, Skidanov RV, Khonina SN , Balalaev SA. Hypergeometric Modes. Computer Optics 2006; 30: 16-22.


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