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Laser interferometer with fine-focused beam in a system of three coupled interferometers
D.V. Lyakin1,2, V.V. Lychagov1,2, V.P. Ryabukho1,2, M.I. Lobachev1,2

1Institute of Precision Mechanics and Control, the Russian Academy of Sciences,
2Saratov State University

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Pages: 53-61.

Full text of article: Russian language.

The study analyzes a system of coupled interferometers — one measuring interferometer and two auxiliary interferometers built according to the Michelson scheme to monitor the spatial position (shape) of an object or the parameters of layered structures. The measuring interferometer functions based on the effect of matching the interfering fields and generates an interference focus coincidence pulse of the probe laser beam with the controlled surface. The auxiliary low-coherent interferometer forms a reference interference pulse, with respect to which the position of the measuring pulse in the path difference scale is determined. An auxiliary laser interferometer is used for this purpose. The study looks into the theory of interferometers, scheme solutions and computer signal processing algorithms. Experimental results are provided, the accuracy of measurements is analyzed.

laser interferometry, fine-focused beam, spatial position (shape) of an object.

Lyakin DV, Lychagov VV, Ryabukho VP, Lobachev MI. Laser Interferometer with Fine-Focused Beam in a System of Three Coupled Interferometers. Computer Optics 2006; 30: 53-61.

This work was supported by RFBR grants No. 05-08-50318-a, CRDF No. Y2-BEP-06-17 (REC-006, ANNEX BF4M06) and CRDF RUX0-006-SR-06 (ANNEX BP1M06).


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