Determination of parameters of geometric transformation to combine portrait images
E.V. Myasnikov

Image Processing Systems Institute оf the RAS, Samara, Russia,
Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU), Samara, Russia

Full text of article: Russian language.

This paper presents two methods of estimating geometric discrepancy parameters in portrait photography. The first method is based on the use of the Fourier transform and application of the correlation approach, whereas the second one is based on calculation of image moment characteristics. The paper presents experimental results for the methods based on portrait photography data. It shows the advantage of the method that is based on the Fourier transform. Recommendations on the use of these methods are given.

Key words:
geometric discrepancy , portrait photography, the Fourier transform, image moment characteristics.

Myasnikov E.V. Determination of parameters of geometric transformation to combine portrait images [In Russian]. Computer Optics 2007; 31(3): 77-82.


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