Technology of an automatic geobinding and calibration of cartographical images
O.A. Titova, A.V. Chernov

Samara State Aerospace University,

Image Processing Systems Institute оf the RAS

Full text of article: Russian language.

We now consider one of the digital-mapping and map-revision phases – geotagging and mapping calibration for scanned topographic plans. It is proposed to use Russian paper-mapping standards to search crossing coordinate lines and existing physical coordinates. We also developed algorithms and software consisting of the following phases: search of outer- and inner edges of topographic plans, crossing coordinate lines, verification of measured network points and geometric transformation. The technology enables to completely eliminate operators’ hand labor, which may save from 10 to 20 minutes per topographic plan.

Key words:
geoinformation systems, digital-mapping, topographic plans, automatic geotagging.

Citation: Titova OA, Chernov AV. Automatic geotagging and mapping calibration technology [In Russian]. Computer Optics 2008; 32(1): 85-88.


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