Modeling sharp focus radially-polarized laser mode with conical and binary microaxicons
V.V. Kotlyar, S.S. Stafeev

Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS,
Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.

TWith modeling based on radial R-FDTD method is shown that lighting of radially-polarized laser R-TEM01 mode with wave length λ = 1 μm by conical microaxicon with base radius 7 μm and height 6 μm configure sharp focus immediately beyond the vertex of the cone. The transverse focal spot diameter is FWHM=0.30λ, and longitudinal focal spot length is FWHMZ=0.12λ. The focal spot size is HMA=0.071λ2. By comparison, the focal spot diameter is less than the focal spot diameter for the Airy disk in 1.7 times (FWHM=0.51λ), the focal spot size is less than the focal spot size for the Airy disk in 2.87 times (HMA=0.204λ2).

Key words:
radially polarized light, sharp focusing of light, radially polarized R-TEM01 mode, minimal focal spot area, conical microaxicon, binary axicon.


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