Revelation of a space maser signal component characteristic for the action of the gravitational waves emitted by a close binary system
S.V. Siparov, V.A. Samodurov

State university of civil aviation,

Radio astronomical observatory of the RAS

Full text of article: Russian language.

According to the theoretical concept, space masers can suffer the action of the periodical gravitational waves emitted by the close binary star systems. When certain conditions are fulfilled, there could take place the optic-metrical parametric resonance – the effect of the zero order in small amplitude of the gravitational wave. It reveals itself through the appearance of the periodic component of the intensity of the space maser signal. In this paper we present the results of the search and discovery of such component in the ultra-rapid fluctuations of the space maser radiation.

Key words:
signal processing, space maser, periodic component, gravitational waves.


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