Alternative method for synthesis of multidimensional low-discrepancy point sets
A.N. Kalouguine, N.A. Kalugin

Image Processing Systems Institute of the RAS,
Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.

Modern approaches to solving the problems of the photorealistic image synthesis are based on use of the quasi-Monte Carlo methods. Effectiveness of these methods is based on the properties of the multidimensional point sets. The existing synthesis methods generate the low-discrepancy multidimensional point sets with the discrepancy growing as the number of dimensions of the used space grows. In the paper the authors suggest an alternative synthesis method that is based on use of canonical number systems. It is shown, that the suggested approach allows in certain sense to get over the ‘curse of dimensionality’.

Key words:
photorealistic image synthesis, low-discrepancy point sets, canonical number systems.


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