The increasing of the uniformity of nanoporous structure creation zone depth by the laser action shaped by radiation focusator
S. P. Murzin, E. L. Osetrov, N. V. Tregub, S. A. Malov

Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.

The application of optical system on a basis of moveable radiation focusator in a line is offered for increasing the uniformity of nanoporous structure formation zone depth in near-surface layer of metal materials by laser action with high pulse repetition frequency. It gives an opportunity to purposefully change power density in the laser action zone. Temperature-speed modes balancing in the heat-affected zone make it possible to secure depth uniformity of area of processing metal materials.

Key words:
nanoporous structure, metal material, laser action, processing, radiation focusator, distribution, intensity, power.


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