Alteration of hydrosphere optical properties by synthetic active compounds
V.P. Zaharov, E.V. Timchenko, P.E. Timchenko, A.D. Zolotuhina, S.V. Alembekov

Full text of article: Russian language.

The results of experimental studies of spectral characteristics alteration of the water plant – Elodie Brazilian (Elodea Brazilian, Egeria densa) under the action of synthetic active compounds and salts of cadmium are submitted. The criterion used in The differential backscattering coefficient were used as criterion and expresses the changes in the concentration of chlorophyll in the plant under the influence of pollutants. The detailed analysis of structural changes in plant cells was performed by fluorescent confocal microscopy. It is shown that surfactants solubilize membrane-bound proteins, leading to a significant change in membrane permeability and, consequently the optical characteristics of the biological tissue.

Key words:
method of differential backscattered, confocal microscopy, optical coefficient, chlorophyll, hydrosphere, ions of cadmium, synthetic active compounds.


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