Iterational method for piecewise constant images restoration with an a priori knowledges of image objects boundaries
V.V. Sergeyev, A.Yu. Denisova

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Full text of article: Russian language.

DOI: 10.18287/0134-2452-2013-37-2-239-243

Pages: 239-243.

This article observes restoration method for piecewise constant images with predefined areas’ borders based on Van Cittert filtration. As a distortion Gaussian and rectangle impulse response are considered. Image to be reconstructed is the result of sampling and noise addition. The results of experimental research of dependency of accuracy and stop-criterion from iteration number are demonstrated. Also potential application for remote sensing image analysis such as quality enhancement of average assessments is described.

Key words:
piecewise constant images, Van Cittert filtration, root mean square error, sampling, interpolation, Neumann series.


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