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Quasiparallel algorithm for error-free convolution computation using reduced Mersenne-Lucas codes
V.M. Chernov


Image Processing Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,
Samara State Aerospace University


DOI: 10.18287/0134-2452-2015-39-2-241-248

Full text of article: Russian language.


In this paper a new “error-free” algorithm for discrete circular convolution calculation is proposed. The algorithm is based on a new type of discrete orthogonal transforms for which there exist efficient multiplication-free implementations. The structure of these transforms is associated with the representation of data in the redundant number system associated with Lucas numbers.

discrete cyclic convolution, number-theoretical transforms Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, “error-free” calculations.

Chernov VM. Quasiparallel algorithm for error-free convolution computation using reduced Mersenne–Lucas codes. Computer Optics 2015; 39(2): 241-248. DOI: 10.18287/0134-2452-2015-39-2-241-248.


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