Resonant approximation of phase-shifted Bragg grating (PSBG) spectra
L.L. Doskolovich, N.V. Golovastikov, D.A. Bykov, S.I. Kharitonov


Image Processing Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences,

Samara State Aerospace University

Full text of article: Russian language.


The resonance approximations of phase-shifted Bragg grating (PSBG) reflection and transmission coefficients are obtained as a function of frequency and wave-vector’s tangential components of incident light. The proposed theoretical description is verified using numerical simulations.

fiber Bragg gratings, frequency filtering, spatial filtering.

Doskolovich LL, Golovastikov NV, Bykov DA, Kharitonov SI. Resonant approximation of phase-shifted Bragg grating (PSBG) spectra. Computer Optics 2015; 39(3): 311-8. DOI: 10.18287/0134-2452-2015-39-3-311–318.


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