A unified model for information hiding systems
V.A. Fedoseev


Image Processing Systems Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara, Russia,
Samara State Aerospace University, Samara, Russia

Full text of article: Russian language.


The paper presents a new model for a unified description of information hiding systems including both steganographic and watermarking systems. The model is based on considering three possible representations of the information being embedded: a binary vector, a digital signal, and a feature matrix. Some examples of the model usage are discussed.

information hiding, data hiding, digital watermarking, watermarking system, steganography, steganographic system.

Fedoseev VA. A unified model for information hiding systems. Computer Optics 2016; 40(1): 87-98. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2016-40-1-87-98.


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