Study on generating light fields with the intensity patterns characterized by different rotational rates
E.N. Vorontsov, N.N. Losevsky, D.V. Prokopova, E.V. Razueva, S.A Samagin


Lebedev Physical Institute,
Russian Academy of Sciences, Samara, Russia,

Samara State Aerospace University, Samara, Russia

Full text of article: Russian language.


On the basis of optical properties of spiral beams, various light fields whose intensity pattern rotates during the field propagation have been investigated. A dependence between the parameters of the illuminating beam and the quality of the generated light fields is discussed. The light fields have been formed using a liquid-crystal spatial phase modulator HOLOEYE HEO-1080P. The results of the experiments are in good agreement with numerical simulations.

rotating light fields, spiral beams.

Vorontsov EN, Losevsky NN, Prokopova DV, Razueva EV, Samagin SA. Study on generating light fields with the intensity patterns characterized by different rotational rates. Computer Optics 2016; 40(2): 158-63. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2016-40-2-158-163.


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