Algorithm for eliminating gas absorption effects on hyperspectral remote sensing data
Nikolaeva O.V.

Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS, Moscow, Russia


An efficient algorithm for the elimination of gas absorption effects on the reflectance of sunlight in an atmosphere-ground system is proposed. The algorithm does not require aerosol, surface and gas concentration information. The corrected reflectance is obtained via the correction factor, which is found via analysis of the spectral dependence of reflectance. The algorithm is applicable only to hyperspectral data. Results of testing on model problems are presented.

atmospheric correction, reflectance, gas absorption effects.

Nikolaeva, OV Algorithm for eliminating gas absorption effects on hyperspectral remote sensing data. Computer optics. 2018; 42(2): 328-337. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2018-42-2-328-337.


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