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Fully symmetric diffraction-interference beam shaper for radially polarized light on a 1530-nm wavelength

V.V. Podlipnov1,2, S.V. Karpeev1,2, V.D. Paranin1 

Samara National Research University, Moskovskoye Shosse 34, 443086, Samara, Russia,

IPSI RAS – Branch of the FSRC “Crystallography and Photonics” RAS, Molodogvardeyskaya 151, 443001, Samara, Russia

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DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2019-43-4-577-585

Pages: 577-585.

Full text of article: Russian language.

A completely symmetrical scheme of a shaper of cylindrical vector beams is proposed in which two diffractive axicons and an interference polarizer placed in-between form a sandwich structure of the smallest possible thickness. The design and experimental study of an interference polarizer for generating the radially polarized radiation at a 1530-nm wavelength is carried out. A pair of amplitude diffractive axicons with a period of 3.62 μm to provide the diffraction angle of 24.5° required for generating radial polarization is fabricated. The transformation of a circularly polarized beam into a radially polarized vortex beam is experimentally demonstrated.

multilayer optical coating, interference polarizer, diffraction axicon, sandwich structure, radial polarization

Podlipnov VV, Karpeev SV, Paranin VD. Fully symmetric diffraction-interference beam shaper for radially polarized light on a 1530-nm wavelength. Computer Optics 2019; 43(4): 577-585. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-2019-43-4-577-585.


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