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The structure of normal modes in parallel ideal optical fibers with strong coupling
C.N. Alexeyev 1, E.V. Barshak 1, B.P. Lapin 1, M.A. Yavorsky 1

V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University,
295000, Simferopol, Russia, Prospekt Vernadskogo, 4

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DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-CO-777

Pages: 876-882.

Full text of article: Russian language.

In this paper, we studied an effect of strong evanescent coupling on the structure of normal modes in a system of parallel ideal multimode optical fibers. Using the formalism of the degenerate perturbation theory and a scalar waveguide equation for this system, analytical expressions of higher-order supermodes and their propagation constants have been determined. We have shown that the structure of modes in the case of strong evanescent coupling coincides with the structure of normal modes for weakly coupled parallel fibers. We have demonstrated that in the presence of strong coupling, expressions for corrections to the scalar propagation constant are modified, deducing them analytically.

strongly coupled fibers, modes' structure, optical vortex.

Alexeyev CN, Barshak EV, Lapin BP, Yavorsky MA. The structure of normal modes of parallel ideal optical fibers with an intensive coupling. Computer Optics 2020; 44(6): 876-882. DOI: 10.18287/2412-6179-CO-777.

This work was financially supported by the Russian Science Foundation (Project No. 20-12-00291).


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