Use of focusators in laser assisted material processing

C. F. Ageshin, A. A. Azarov, V. V. Popov, I. N. Sisakyan

The paper reports applications of optical elements for targetted laser beam focusing in various fields of industry and medicine. These elements, called focusators by their inventors, focus an irradiance with a known distribution of intensity and phase into a plane curve with the specified distribution of intensity. Focusators were designed and prepared which can be used in heat treatment and alloying of metals and in marking of workpieces. These devices proved to be advantageous compared with the traditional optical systems. They allow for intensity distributions in the focal spot that cannot be obtained by other available methods. Also they offer convenient operation and simpler design of the optical systems. The fabrication technology available at present yields focusators with an energy efficiency of up to 80%.


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